This service is currently only available to Private Individual SEAT Finance customers

Contract Hire

Keeping it simple

If you want a new car with affordable fixed monthly repayments, without the additional expenses that come with owning a car – Contract Hire offers you the best of both worlds.

How Contract Hire works

You simply hire the SEAT of your choice for a fixed term and agreed mileage. Then take good care of the car, servicing it at recommended intervals before returning it to us when the rental period ends (subject to vehicle condition). Find details of the damage charges in our guide below.

Key points:
  • You choose your SEAT and the fixed, monthly repayment period.
  • You agree a mileage allowance – don’t forget to keep to this as you may have to pay excess charges if you exceed it.
  • Make sure you service your car at an authorised SEAT dealer – you’ll also be responsible for paying for any excess damage, other than reasonable wear and tear.
  • At the end of the contract, return the car to us. There isn’t the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the contract.

With Contract Hire, you'll now receive the complimentary SEAT Driverline service that provides you with a single contact number for all your motoring needs. 

More information about Contract Hire agreements: